Thursday, February 17, 2011

There snow beesness, like show beesness...

I woke to a wet dream this morning, merely due to this warm front that moved in and started to melt all the snow. It's 9:00 am and already 50 degrees this morning, with the sunshine on my face I'm excited to see spring right around the corner. As the water continues to accumulate in the valley of my sidewalk, I must tread the water and remove as much as I can to make it safe for the kids passing by after school this afternoon. In doing so I was distracted by a few of my honeybees that had stopped to gather water from the early thaw. I was so overjoyed to get the first glimpse of possible survivors of last summers swarm season, I quickly finished clearing the walk and headed out back to check out the hives.

It looks as if 3 of the 12 hives in this apiary have survived the harsh Michigan winter. I'm thankful, as that is better than some of the winters in recent years. I was so excited I had to run in the house and grab my Canon Rebel in order to document this wondrous occasion and get some photos of the bees in the snow before it melts.

Enjoy some of these photos: